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In response to Governor Gavin Newsome’s executive order to stay in place, Lira’s Supermarket has remained open to provide the community of Rio Vista access to the grocery products needed during these unprecedented times. We want to take this time to reassure everyone that our store will remain open and there is plenty of food and essential supplies in the supply chain.

The bare shelves you are occasionally seeing does not indicate lack of supply. It is a temporary result of shoppers overbuying given the understandable worry right now. The supply and distribution system in Northern and Central California is prepared to accommodate higher demand for a day or two, but when demand is heavy for an extended period, it takes time to catch up.

The dedicated men and women at grocery stores and distribution centers throughout the state are working day and night to make sure you and your neighbors have what you need. They are working extra hours away from their families and deserve all of our thanks.


  • We have hired additional staff to ensure the product moves as quickly as possible to the store shelves
  • We have adjusted store hours to 7am through 7 pm to allow additional time to clean, sanitize, and restock the store.
  • We are limiting purchases on items, especially those fast selling items, in order to provide the most product to the greatest number of Rio Vistors
  • We have posted signage and marked off spacing to encourage CDC recommended social distancing
  • We are providing gloves and the option to wear them to all of our employees. We have not provided masks due to the shortage of masks and the necessity for those masks to be directed to our vital health care workers. In addition, the CDC does not recommend masks for our industry at this time
  • We have installed plexi-glass shields at the check stand to provide additional protection from face to face contact for our employees
  • We are providing free home delivery to local residents. We have had many requests to provide an hour for the Seniors and high risk groups, however, upon investigation it was suggested to us and determined to provide a greater risk to those groups. Those who have designated special hours have seen the unintended consequence of higher than desired foot traffic for those groups putting them at much higher risk
  • We have suspended the sale of all self-service items or altered the way they are delivered in order to continue to provide the product


  • First and foremost, you can stay at home unless your trip to the store, pharmacy, or other location is vital. If you are sick, please have a friend, neighbor, or family member do your shopping for you. In most cases, businesses are providing delivery to your home. Make sure you call and ask if the business is delivering and take advantage of the service when it is available.
  • You can practice social distancing. The CDC has recommended maintaining a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others. If you cough or sneeze, please do so into the elbow. If you cough or sneeze into your hands, immediately wash them in order to prevent the spread of the germs to other surfaces. Avoid touching your face as much as possible. And of course, wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds on a regular basis
  • Finally, please limit your buying pattern to what you need for a week. Getting shoppers back to normal patterns will reduce stress on the distribution system, ensuring our store has the food and supplies you need.

The management and employees of Lira’s Supermarket greatly appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. We are all going through this together and all looking for a sense of normalcy to come back to our lives. We firmly believe this will be accomplished by staying home, practicing social distancing when leaving the home is required, and returning to our normal buying patterns.

Our hope is for everyone to stay healthy, safe, and to get through these trying times together